An eye on the environment

Respect for the environment and safeguarding the territory has always been the basis of our philosophy , which is why we have decided to embrace the sustainability project, to keep and make the environment cleaner, not only for us but for generations to come.

Since we renovated our farmhouse in 2007, we have installed solar panels to heat the water and the interior. Each room of the farmhouse is equipped with convectors, both for heating and for cooling. Precisely in order not to waste energy unnecessarily, we recommend that our guests turn on the convectors only when they are actually in the room. In a few minutes the room will reach the desired temperature. Furthermore, each window is equipped with sensors which, in case of opening, the convector stops; however it is always recommended to switch off the appliance.

The thermal coat also helps to keep the heat, avoiding heat loss and energy waste. The external lighting is composed of crepuscular lights to illuminate a well-defined part in the dark hours; led lights and low consumption lights. Where lighting is not always necessary, sensors are installed in order to illuminate only the short distance.

We strongly believe in separate collection, which is why we have placed bins for the collection of paper, plastic, glass and damp outside the farmhouse, where our guests actively participate in the differentiation of their waste. For the wet waste we use a compost, where the wet matured is used as fertilizer for the garden and for fruit plants.

The breakfast we offer to our customers is made up of products from our farm , such as fruit, aromatic herbs and eggs, used in the preparation of jams, sweets and fruit juices. We buy other products from farms such as cured meats, cheeses and Mantograno flour. We do not use animal fats in the preparations but we prefer fats of vegetable origin to meet the needs of those with lactose and milk protein intolerances. In some points of the farm there are small cisterns, in some cases dry, to collect rainwater that we use to water the vegetable garden and flowers.

We have recently created a new outdoor green area, equipped with chairs and deck chairs to enjoy some time in the company of a good book or with your favorite pastime.
Our maxim is “take care of yourself to seek new inspiration”.

In order to reduce car consumption, we use a bicycle rental service, including electric ones, to visit the immense naturalistic, historical and cultural heritage that the area offers. In the surroundings, guided tours of cellars and farms are organized. Upon request, we prepare a delicious packed lunch, in ecological containers to be consumed under the shade of a tree, or in a meadow, always with a view to respecting the environment.

The morainic hills are mainly made up of small villages and towns with ancient traditions that can be easily reached from cycle paths and country roads, perhaps experiencing the thrill of being refreshed by a jet of water while irrigating the fields. And at the end of the day, nothing better than a dinner based on local food and wine in a restaurant, where you can then buy the products on farms or at farmers’ markets.