Our products

Jams and fruit juices

We have several fruit trees (apple, pear, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, currant, fig, plum …), whose fruit we use to prepare jams, fruit juices, sweets and also from eat fresh for breakfast.

Our fruit is not treated, it feeds on healthy earth, water and sun.

Aromatic herbs

We mainly have lavender, mint, rosemary and thyme that we use in the preparation of sweets and jams, to make our products unique.

The lavender flowers are very fragrant and, after harvesting, we carefully dry them to perfume the rooms of our guests.

Sbrisolona pie

It’s the typical Mantua pie, and it’s been since the Gonzaga times.

It’s also known as “three cups cake” because the main ingredients are cornmeal, white flour and sugar in
equal parts and in ancient times they used they used a cup to measure these ingredients.


Torcetti or “torchietti”, as they were called in the 1700s, they come from bread dough. In ancient times, when they used to bake bread, a part of the dough was used to create these biscuits, by rolling them up in sugar.

Then they use to bake them in the wood oven while waiting for the right temperature to bake bread.